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"when women wear makeup they’re basically lying to us" well i don’t see why i’m being blamed for a man stupid enough to really think i have red and gold eyelids

"Date a girl who turns into a spider. Date a girl who’s looking to get pregnant for potentially apocalyptic reasons, whose grand, mysterious plans aren’t yet known to you. Date a girl whose mother lives in a hut in the woods and sounds like Kate Mulgrew and is also regularly a dragon. Date a girl who can bear an old god child, who can disappear through mirrors. Date a girl like that. But first, get her approval rating up by giving her things you found by the side of the road or hidden in corpses. Date a girl who turns into a spider."

- dragon age proverb (via spicyshimmy)





This is not my beautiful houseThis is not my beautiful wife


This is not my beautiful house
This is not my beautiful wife


dress for the au you want, not the canon you’re in

Anonymous said: Please stop hiding behind "WTNV is free". WTNV stopped being non-profit a long long time ago, and they way they go about live show announcements is classist. "Hey you wanna support us and see us live? Better hope you have $50 to drop on a ticket that is going to sell out in 2 minutes". I call bullshit on WtNV not knowing how many tickets theyre going to sell, they have never taken more than 15 minutes on any show to sell out, as per usual as soon as they saw fans money its all they cared about.




oh my god calm your entitled ass down

I just want to add something to this that people might not necessarily think about  -and thank you to everyone for the supportive responses so far.  Putting on a WTNV live show isn’t just a matter of showing up at the theater and taking people’s money.  When we are on tour we have to pay for airfare, hotels, food, throat spider treatments, and so on.  The last two episodes of the podcast (which were released for free) were recorded live at Town Hall, and WTNV had to pay the venue for the privilege of recording there, even though it was Joseph Fink who did the actual recording and not the venue’s staff.  

But mainly I want to explain my own part in this because it’s true that I used to release all of my music for free, and now I don’t.  

For 9 years, Disparition was a project I did in my spare time while I worked a number of dayjobs ranging from shipping clerk at a wine distributor to digital marketer at a book publisher.  A year ago the publishing house I was working for was falling apart, I decided… fuck it, why not try to do what I actually love for a living?

So, I quit and started doing music full time.  Consequently, I changed the “free download” status of some (but not all) of my albums… although they are still streamable on Spotify and Soundcloud for free.

Luckily, about a month after I quit my publishing job is when Night Vale started to really take off which has certainly helped out quite a lot with the album sales, but I’m still relying partly on savings and still trying to figure out how to make this thing work.  While WTNV is now very popular and this is awesome, I’m still doing everything with no label or distributor or studio, making albums in my apartment and doing all of my promotion myself.  Even so, I still give all of my albums away for free periodically and you can still stream them for free on Spotify or Soundcloud or Bandcamp.  Plus, three of my albums are *still* freely downloadable from my site. 

I know this might come across as a bit defensive and, well, I suppose it is. But I felt I should offer a bit of explanation from my side, especially since I know it says in the early episodes that you can download my work for free, and then at a certain point that message goes away.  And I know that’s disappointing to some, but I really am doing what I can to make my music as available as I can while still being able to pay the rent.  This community has been so amazingly supportive and this whole thing has completely changed my life. I owe that not only to Fink&Cranor but to everyone who listens to the show.. so I wanted you all to know a bit about where I am coming from. 

holy shit hello disparition

welcome to night vale fuck off anon

Lmao “just because drunk people drop shit” 


Lmao “just because drunk people drop shit” 

pacific rim newton geiszler what a dork



london film & comic con winter 2013